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At Ark Security Systems, we provide CCTV installation, maintenance and complete security solutions to domestic, commercial, retail, education & public properties.


CCTV Domestic

Having a home camera system fitted can act as an effective deterrent, and really help make sure that you and your loved ones feel safe and secure within your home.
Whilst CCTV is an extremely effective stand-alone measure, it is also just one of the lines of defence in which we offer.
In our experience CCTV systems work best when combined with other measures such as Burglar alarms or access control systems, but from a DIY perspective, there are a number of things we recommend you think about installing such as robust door and window locks, security lighting and even gravel around your property, which are all very effective and relatively low cost measures.

cctv domestic

We will always carry out a survey of your home before recommending the most suitable security options avaible to you and your property.
With such high spec home security cameras more affordable than ever before, it is now possible to have complete peace of mind when leaving your premises.
You can now remotely view your property in real-time from your mobile device, allowing you to set your mind at ease and act accordingly should the need arise.

cctv commercial

CCTV Commercial

CCTV is now a must for all businesses – no matter what size. Here at ARK we like to keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the ever-changing technology available; from people counting technology used to gauge footfall in retail premises, to High Resolution and automatic number-plate recognition cameras, we can design a bespoke system to suit all premises types, at any budget for small retail shops and large multi-location clients alike.

Protecting your workplace from the threat of intruders is paramount in the running of a successful business, which is why ensuring that you have the very highest quality CCTV systems installed should be top priority.

In addition, strategically placed High definition cameras can be a very affective management tool for Business users for checking staff and stock location, emergency incidents/health and safety applications and much more.

Call us today and arrange a site assessment to determine weak spots or potential risks within your current security measures and find out more about how our Camera Solutions can run seamlessly alongside your business.

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