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The levels of response we currently offer include

Audible / Bells Only

SMS Messaging

Mobile App Notifications

Speech Dialler

Keyholder Response

Police Response

residential intruder alarms

Intruder Systems

The security of your property when leaving your home, or even whilst tucked up in bed, is a growing concern for us all.

We offer a personal visit to carry out a full site Risk assessment of your property. Our senior advisors will identify potential weak spots in your current security and supply you with informed advice on how best to make your home as secure as possible.

Upon their initial site visit, one of our team experts will assess not only the security of your premises but will also factor in which technology will best suit the pace of your family life. Whether it be Pet friendly motion sensors or a system that you can check in on from a mobile device, we can supply and install a system, which runs seamlessly alongside your lifestyle.

Intruder Systems

Can your business afford to be left unsecure?

Regardless of the level of cover which your insurance offers, break-ins and burglaries can affect the running of your business on so many different levels, meaning that your business could be left unable to operate at full capacity for some time.

commercial intruder alarms

At ARK Security we promote the fact that prevention is better than cure, so by making security your top priority, you can effectively deter opportunistic intruders before the damage is done.
Our extensive range of commercial security solutions are designed to deter and detect genuine incidents of forced entry and unauthorised access using the latest technology in vibration and movement sensors.

We also have a range of fixed and remote Personal Attack/Panic Buttons for Staff members who work alone or at night, who may feel vulnerable at times and need that extra reassurance. These can be fitted in multiple high risk locations throughout your premises or alternatively wireless panic buttons can be distributed to multiple users.
Panic Buttons can be used to activate a full alarm when feeling threatened, with the addition of police response if required.
There are a number of deciding factors to consider when choosing an appropriate level of response for your premisies. A full site survey from one of our experts, a list of your insurance requirements and ofcourse – your personal preference, will determine the level of response which is best for you and your staff.
In the event of an alarm activation you can rest assured that your system will generate an effective response.

Wireless Systems

We offer a vast range of wireless systems, which are fast becoming the system of choice. Contrary to popular belief, wireless alarms are now deemed just as reliable as the more traditional wired designs. As Technology has come such a long way, wireless systems are no longer met with compromise. Wireless signals can be transmitted over a much further distance and at much greater speeds than ever before, making Wireless Systems a fantastic option for both domestic and Commercial premises.

Some of the many benefits include; Faster and simpler installation, reducing the time in which your premises are left unsecure. No visible cables, which also means that there is No risk of those opportunistic intruders cutting wires to your system. And of course your system is portable, so if you were ever to move premises – your investment can follow you!

Want more information on how one of our wireless systems can benefit you and your premises? Please contact a member of our team today!

Home Control + App Panel

Complete security in the palm of your hand

Control and monitor your entire Enforcer HomeControl+ security system from anywhere in the world on your smart device.
Available on iOS and Android, download the HomeControl+ App and you will have proven security, monitoring and complete control at your fingertips.
This app can also be configured to work alongside your Internal and external IP Camera System for complete control and overview.

  • Set and unset your system from the palm of your hand

    From anywhere in the world on your smart device

  • View your system status in real-time

    Stay connected and in control with our mobile application

  • Receive and customise Push Notifications from your system.

security system app
  • Instant access to your events and history log

    Complete control at your fingertips

  • Secured to the highest standards

    We use technology provide the highest level of protection

  • On-the-Go Mobile Control

    Available on iOS and Android. Watch video here

Response Levels - How it Works?

The levels of response we currently offer include:

Police Response

UK police forces will provide a pre agreed response to certain types of remote monitored electronic security systems, i.e. Intrusion and Hold up Alarm Systems (I&HAS) and detector activated CCTV systems.

Police in the UK will only offer a response to verified alarm signals from systems which have been granted a Police URN (Unique Reference Number) and will only attend monitored intruder alarms that ‘confirm’ alarm activations.
When the first activation is received by an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), they are able to notify a keyholder but are unable to notify the police. When the second (‘confirmed’) activation is received by the ARC the police are notified. Usually, an alarm is considered ‘confirmed’ when a second detection device is activated during the same intrusion. This verifies that there is definite movement at the premises and therefore there is less chance of the activation being a false alarm.
With this approach, the Police aim to provide an effective response to genuine intruder alarms. Monitored systems can only be installed by certificated providers and must be subject to a maintenance agreement. Excess false alarms will jeopardise Police response.

police response intruder alarma
keyholder response intruder alarma

Keyholder response

Customers who do not require Police response but would like the added security of either themselves or their nominated keyholders being contacted following the event of an alarm activation can have their system configured to do so.
Please note that when choosing your Keyholder contacts, they should ideally live/work in close proximity (within 20 minutes) to the premises, be trained to operate the alarm and be both willing and able bodied to attend your site at all hours to check the premises.
If the prospect of attending site following an alarm activation is cause for concern, we work alongside Alarm Receiving Centres who also offer Keyholder Care Services, whereby a protective service sends the keyholder a set time window to attend site and return back home, giving the keyholder the opportunity to extend the time if needed.
Once safely home the Keyholder will close the “Keyholder Care record”. However, if the protective service operatives do not recieve acknowledgement of a safe return, or an extension to the time window, they will step in and escalate the potential risk to your keyholders safety by alerting your chosen emergency contact point.

Alarm Monitoring

ARCs (Alarm Receiving Centres) provide 24/7 monitoring of your system with round the clock protection of the property that simply cannot be matched by a ‘bells only’ system.

Upon receiving the alarm activation signals, your Monitoring Station operatives will work quickly to take the necessary action, depending upon your level of response and the configuration of your system. For example, this could be a call to yourself, a call to a keyholder, or the Police.

monitoring response level
Alarm Monitoring
speech dialler response

Speech Dialler

Our specialists have a service warranty and service the equipment purchased, as well as amenities such as free phone service customer support. Given the experience of our experts, you can be sure of a professional, timely completion of all installation work on your site surveillance and/or security systems.The speech dialler connects to your intruder alarm panel and communicates using your phone line (in a residential premises this can be your home phone line, no need for additional line rental).
Speech diallers are a very cost-effective way of being alerted if the alarm is activated when no-one is at the premises; as it only dials out when/if the alarm is triggered.

By recording a voice message into the speech dialler device and entering up to 4 trusted contacts (keyholders) in the event of an alarm activation, the speech dialler will ring the numbers in order of priority and play back your voice message explaining what happened and what you would like them to do.
Please note that when choosing your Keyholder contacts, they should ideally live/work in close proximity to the premises.

Mobile App Notifications

Our latest App Panels offer access to a state of the art dedicated mobile App which allows you to remotely set and unset your system, monitor goings on at your premises and receive instant alerts with details of alarm activations and forced entry straight to your mobile device.

We’ve all been there…. We leave home in a rush, get halfway to our destination, when suddenly that dreaded shadow of doubt is cast over us…. Did I close the front Door? Did I set the alarm??
Well now you have that much needed reassurance, without having to hightail it back there!
Our latest App Panel allows you to check whether your premises have been left in a secure state by simply logging in to your app from your mobile device.

app notification intruder alarms
App Notifications
response-sms messaging


Our Engineers can configure your system in such a way that in the event of an alarm activation, 3 of your trusted keyholders will receive SMS alarm notifications straight to their mobile phones. This response level works in conjuction with Sirens based at your premises.
SMS notifications will require a phoneline connection or a GSM SIM card to be installed into your alarm panel. We urge customers to contact their network providers for information on charges for SMS Text messaging.

Audible/Bells Only Systems

An audible or bells only system uses internal and external sounders to signal when an alarm has been activated, relying solely on siren noise to alert the surrounding area and hopefully scare off an intruder.
Although audible systems offer the basic level of response, it remains an extremely effective measure.

If you have an Audible/Bells only system which you feel would benefit from being upgraded to one of our higher levels of response, we also offer; SMS Messaging, Mobile App Notifications, Speech Dialler, Keyholder Response and Police response. Please contact an experienced member of our team for further information.

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Audible/Bells Only Systems
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