Service & Maintenance

A security system needs regular maintenance to make sure it functions optimally. This involves inspecting the individual components, changing the batteries when needed and ensuring that all the individual parts communicate effectively with one another.
While your main control pad and a monitoring service help you keep track of system performance, you should conduct your own weekly and monthly inspections as well.

There are a number of DIY measures you can perform in order to self maintain your security system and ensure you are protected at all times.

We Recommend:

Performing Weekly Perimeter Checks around your premises; Walk around your home every week to inspect the locks on all the doors and windows. Also inspect the frame around each door and window to ensure there is no rotting, warping or any other condition that makes the entry easier to breach. Check the sensors on each door and window too. Adhesive usually holds them in place, so the sensors need re-fastening occasionally. Wireless sensors are battery-powered, and the batteries require testing and the occasional changing as well.

Inspecting All Cameras throughout your premises; If you have cameras included in your system, its good practice to examine them daily to ensure they have power, are aimed properly and have not been vandalized. Check your monitoring and recording devices as well to verify each camera is getting an image and is recording appropriately.

Professional Routine Maintenance Inspections

Your own checks help prevent major malfunctions in your security system, but an annual inspection from one of our qualified technicians will help ensure everything stays running optimally for years to come. One of our experts will perform a thorough check on all the components, wiring, power supplies and sensors in the system and can replace or repair anything that is not performing at 100%. This helps prevent more expensive repairs down the road and also reduces the risk of the system failing when you need it most.

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Did you know?

Your insurance company can refuse to pay out on a claim if your Intruder system has not been regularly maintained by a professional?
We can perform the service and maintenance of all systems, even those that have not been installed by us.

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